The Making of Zombuki Triste

“No Ordinary Love” by Camilla d’Errico

As promised earlier today here are my studio photos from the making of Triste. When Camilla picked “No Ordinary Love” (above) as the piece she wanted a Zombuki based off of I immediately fell in love with it. Normally I don’t make sad pieces, but I was very inspired by this painting. I didn’t formally announce it, but I basically took two months off from making dolls, for a number of reasons. Being in a not-super-happy place when I was working on Triste ended up being a good thing because I actually had the correct emotion to tap into …

I wanted her to have a “tear” element without replicating the tears in Camilla’s piece; originally I cast her green resin eye chips, but it didn’t feel right, so I replaced them with these. They’re a mix of silver holographic flakes and silver glitter, the shimmering effect felt kind of like eyes filled with tears right before they overflow. I went with a minty green wig instead of white because I wanted to be able to pick up on and use the highlight colors in the painting (greens and blues) on the face and I felt like a white wig would leave her feeling unbalanced. I also bought the most amazing white resin wings to use as a nod to the birds in the painting, rather than going the literal route and painting wing shapes on her.

I also ended up using white feather eyelashes, which I really love – if we haven’t just met you already know that white eyelashes and feather eyelashes are my two favorites, so combined I find them irresistible. On the whole I wanted Triste to be symmetrical, but I wanted the eyebrows to be different. I felt like two dotted eyebrows would be too much, but I wanted to have one to mimic the cutout/droplet on the cheeks. I never do a nude lip, but it’s so beautiful in the painting I went for it (there are thin white lines on the bottom lip) and I’m so happy I did. I might actually keep using it from time to time, I feel like it gives her a softness and an innocence that she would have never had otherwise.

Working on Triste meant more to me than I think I can say, even though she has a sadness about her, she brought me a world of joy, and I completely immersed myself in making her (I even made an all-sad-songs playlist for my iPod). Camilla is an amazing person and I’m so honored that she no only is okay with me using her stunning work as inspiration, but that she likes my girls enough to take Triste into her home. Much love to Camilla! Remember to look at Triste’s photos on black if you haven’t seen them yet.

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