Picara Repost

From Picara’s (Roguedolls) site

This little talk is about the OOAK and people who do not hesitate to make money with work and effort of others, unfortunately this seems a common practice and not just stolen photos to make merchandise for Chinese bazaars … In just 3 days I found pictures of my dolls for sale on etsy at exorbitant prices and a custom Blythe On ebay who is really close to one of my 2008-09 creations. Honestly I feel glad that people fall in love with my OOAK dolls and decide to take a photo printed for the diary /scrapbook or customize a doll a little similar for their personal collection.

But NOT giving credit to the real author of the work and selling it as their own original creation , all they do is cheating their buyers because they think they are purchasing an original OOAK work; offend the original author and insulting my customers who works paid to have the exclusive piece.

I have seen how my customization style or my OOAK dolls inspired others, there are many people who give credit or ask for permission and other who have tried to make theirs my idea through repetition. But replicating the aesthetic of an original character without giving credit of their references is something that makes me sad.

Please respect the work of others and support the original work of artists, because it is posted online does not mean that is free to use.

I wanted to repost this here, not just as a sign of solidarity with Picara (who is one of the doll customizers I most admire), but because I’ve dealt with this as well. Please know that just because you can make a doll similar to a better-known artist’s work doesn’t give you the right to do that. If you love someone’s work, you should support it, not replicate it. They say at imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also the saddest; it takes away from someone else, and it shows that you have nothing of your own to give the world.

Please note that I am not talking about the people who have come to me and asked to make a doll for their own collection (read: not for sale) that was inspired by one of mine, you are the sweetest people on the planet, and like everyone who supports my dream, I love you.

All that being said, go check out Picara’s portfolio, it will knock your socks off, and if you think you’ve seen something similar by someone else, I can tell you right now where they got the idea.

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