Project Runway Season 8 Finale

I had the stomach flu this week, so I ended up skipping the weekly Proj Run screening slash girl’s night … it ended up being a good thing. Had I heard them announce the winner when my tummy was in its weakened state I wouldn’t have been able to suppress my urge to rage vomit. In the light of day, I just want to sucker punch Michael Kors for being so damn stupid (I never thought Nina had any taste). Gretchen, the gal who middled her way to the top, who should have been out last episode when Michael C clearly beat her silly with his collection (he should have been final three and you know it) … won. I call bull.

Seriously? This is where fashion is right now? Actually that makes sense, the economy is in the toilet and most of us are depressed because if we have jobs (I don’t) we’re worried about losing them, so brown and olive … yeah, we feel that way: sad, pessimistic, drab, hopeless. Fall colors in the Spring, that’s us all over, America. How we all long to go back to the granola-swilling days of the 70s and have promiscuous sex with people who haven’t showered at Burning Man only to leave our middle class homes to join a commune and pick lice out of thrift store blankets while wearing animal prints for some reason. Thank god Gretchen won, she’s so now. In case my sarcasm escaped notice, the “now” sucks as much as this collection of diapers and jumpsuits; what we really need now is something joyous and bright and optimistic like oh, I don’t know, say …

Freaking Mondo’s collection, y’all! We’re all dying? Let’s do a Dia de los Muertos collection and add clowns on top so that we’re literally laughing at death. Mondo is where we should be, knowing that things are awful and laughing in its face. These clothes are fun, wearable, bright, and sweet. Why does Nina think that Mondo designing for younger women is some horrible thing? How many people who are 21 years old have you seen in Forever 21? Because at mine it’s mostly ladies in their 40s and 15 year olds. Clearly, there’s a wide market for “youthful” clothing.

Also I need these leggings or I’m going to die. I’ll admit my bias now that I’ve complained a bunch: I was born on the Day of the Dead and Mexican iconography has always been a huge part of my home/life … also my Zombuki dolls have been sneeringly referred to a “rainbow barf clowns,” a phrase that I’ve actually come to love (unicorns barf rainbows, right?). So yeah, Mondo kind of designed a collection that would speak directly to me in all of my biases … but still, Betsey Johnson loves Mondo and girlfriend knows what’s up.

Side note: It really seems that Andy’s finale collection was mostly from pattern books, it was sad, poor thing didn’t stand a chance. I loved his little headdresses though, I know, I know, everyone else hates them, but I thought they were cute.

Where will we go from here? I appeal to Tim Gunn, Patron Saint of Project Runway, to guide us away from our errors and redeem us in Season 9 … if there even is one.

Your can re-view all the finale collections on Blogging Project Runway. Do so and be saddened yet again.

~ Brigitte

PS: Other awesome recaps include alum Laura and TLo, because we cannot complain about this enough (no, I’m not being sarcastic). Also Ms. Place has some very funny quotes.

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