This Is Not My Beautiful Brand!

First off, kudos to anyone who got the Talking Heads reference. So as you know I’m trying to properly focus my brand(s) in the coming year and so I’ve decided to compile a list of everywhere I am online to to figure out the best way to go. At the moment I feel a little overwhelmed, probably like that squirrel above that’s trying to eat a whole wedding cake by itself. Zombuki is pretty well branded, I’ve got the .com for the portfolio, the Facebook group, an Etsy, and a Twitter all with the same username as the .com but the Twitter is also used for other stuff … let’s just jump into a list of (active) usernames …

– pbrigitte (wordpress, tumblr)
– riotsqurrl (etsy, flickr)
– zombuki (twitter, etsy, facebook)

Actually it’s less awful than I thought, except my blog username is pbrigitte and I call it Unwed Human Female, which I actually really love, but it confuses people. No, seriously, it confuses people a lot, like people I know who see the blog in a link on Facebook are like, “What’s this Unmarried Chick Blog thing that’s on your page all the time?” Sigh. I know I should probably change it. Riotsqurrl was my first ever username online and I think it’s held up well, I still love telling people that it’s my shop name. I’m considering combining Riotsqurrl and Zombuki into a single store (though the Etsy ones will be kept open because I need the Etsy traffic) under one username and pbrigitte is probably the best idea to keep it consistent with the blog. Too bad you can’t change your Flickr or Twitter usernames because both are used for both.

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