Quit Your Day Job: Bitter Parody

Why did you start making things?

I was bored after my baby was born and my husband said I should get a hobby before I went back to my full-time job.

What types of things do you make?

Something out of fabric or maybe jewelry. I don’t know. Aprons?

Did you have any help?

Yes, from my husband, he still has a job, so technically I’m a housewife, but I’m going to pretend that I quit my job because of my success, not because I was allowed to by my husband, and only after creating a second income stream that offset my regular job’s salary in saved daycare costs.

Any advice?

Get married. Oh and take good photos or whatever. I love Treasuries.

Closing remarks?

Women can’t make a living off of their own talent, we make crafts because it’s an extension of women’s work, and also we should have babies and get married. Then we can live our dreams as long as they’re classed as feminine and we do it while cooking, cleaning, pleasing our men, and rearing their children. Because it’s the 50’s except there’s the internet now, so I don’t have to give all these aprons to the other housewives or sell them at the school and/or church fundraiser if I don’t want to.

Okay so seriously, is anyone else pissed off by Etsy only featuring housewives for their “Quit Your Day Job” series? It gives me the impression that Etsy, perhaps inadvertently, is perpetuating the idea that the idea “DIY woman” is a mother and housewife that crafts. They some times feature couples or a man or a woman who isn’t financially dependent on a second income that’s almost always a man’s, but it’s very rare. Not the DIY I grew up on, but probably their target demographic. Just because I “get it” doesn’t mean that I like it.

3 thoughts on “Quit Your Day Job: Bitter Parody

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Hehe, yay! I was so pissed when I wrote this too, I’m glad it’s still funny. It was on the heels of reading my 10,000,000,000th “Quit Your Day Job” on Etsy with the same wife/mother angle, but I didn’t want to publish it right away just in case I re-read and was like “that too mean.” I feel like this is just mean enough …

      1. dirigible

        It’s a little scathing but, honestly, it’s a completely accurate portrayal of that whole series. I’ve thought the same thing when reading them before, especially the parts about how art/craft selling on Etsy DOESN’T generate enough income and really one should only “quit your day job” if you have a hubby-based secondary income as well. It doesn’t seem like an awesome endorsement for Etsy’s services! Oh well, target demos and all that.


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