My Brightest Diamond Resin Necklace

My Brightest Diamond Resin Necklace
on Etsy and Storenvy

I’ve been wanting to carry some incarnation of this necklace for ages, but it literally took me a year to track down the mold. It’s a really fun piece, I love that the diamond is 3D, and I decided to use a super-chunky holographic glitter to make it extra-pop. The diamond is just slightly too large to be a wearable ring, which is why I made it into a pendant.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to find this mold! I saw a pendant like this in a shop a while back but they were over charging for it so much it bordered on obscene, which is when I redoubled my effort to track the mold down. I have some other jewel pendants on the way too :3 stay tuned!

Oh, and yes, it is named after the band My Brightest Diamond, their song, “I Had a Pearl,” is one of my favorites of all time.

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