New Angelic Pretty Dolls

Squeak! The March 2011 Pullip, Dal, and Byul releases are another Angelic Pretty collaboration! Swoon! They are Prupate (Pullip), JouJou (Dal), and Sucre (Byul) and they’re all adorable. I’m thinking that JouJou is my favorite but lord in heaven I need the socks from Prupate! Need! … Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “New Angelic Pretty Dolls

  1. Lauren

    They’re so incredibly beautiful! JouJou and Sucre are definitely my favorites, obviously because of their pink hair. ^___^ I’ve been waiting for a Dal or Byul release to fall in love with and now I have to choose between two of them at the same time, haha.

  2. Pat

    Yep, they are all really adorable.
    One of the best things about Groove is the weird names they come up with. I guess they are all meaning something in Korean, but for an English speaker, Prupate kind of moves the bar!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Sucre is French for “sugar” but that’s the only one I know off the top of my head :3 The names usually mean something fun, the collabs seem to get the best odd names to boot (cough, Prunella, cough) ;3

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