Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2010

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2010

Yay! I’m back from this year’s Atomic Holiday Bazaar and it was super fun, as always! For the third year in a row I didn’t bring a real camera, so here are my cell phone photos … again, lol. On the way there Karlen and I got hopelessly lost, which is hilarious considering that this is my third straight year doing the show (second for Karlen), but we ended up getting there in time for the second wave of setup. Also I almost drove into a boat that was being pulled by a car while I was looking at and subsequently shouting the words on a nearby sign: “Dickens and the Crosby!” Then Karlen yelled “We’re stopping!!” because, I guess when you want something to happen, you should yell in the affirmative. Then we laughed until it was painful … true story!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2010

The actual Bazaar was a lot of fun, sales were way better than last year, but I don’t know how much I made because 1) that’s not actually why I go if you can believe it and 2) it was cold when I got home so I left everything in the car, lol! While I do make a bit of money, more than I would sitting on my bum at home, I actually go because I get to meet people who buy from me and network with other local vendors. The way I figure, if people want to support handmade they probably also want to support locals, so it’s good to go to craft shows just to get your name out. There are about a half a dozen people now who come to the Bazaar to buy a holiday present from me and seeing them every year makes me crazy happy!

Resin Deer Pendants

My favorite moment was a super cute little girl who came up with her dad, she had an adorable Hello Kitty wallet and wanted to get the pink deer necklace (above) but only had $11 so I sold it to her for $10 (there’s no way I’m going to take an adorable little girl’s last dollar!). Then she said she thought DeeDee was pretty so I gave her a sticker. She was so sweet!!

The strangest moment was when someone palmed a sticker, I don’t know if they thought it was free, but she gave me an awfully nasty look when I saw her later. I totally would have given her one if she had asked! Actually I tried to add at least one extra thing to every bag, I mean, I always add extras to online orders, it really wouldn’t be right if people who showed up in person got less stuff, right?

Near the end of the show I walked around to shop and meet other vendors, a couple of people I already met when they made their rounds, and I met some new people too. Including some people that I’ll be featuring here soon! I also didn’t buy a couple of things that I would have, so I’m going to explain why slash give you some craft show advice …

I went up to one table, it was a crafter that I had featured on the blog, so I went up to meet them in person. I walked up and was like, “Hi there, I know you work! I love it!” and the guy at the table look up and goes, “This isn’t my table, it’s my friend’s table, she’s over there,” and I was like, “Um, okay,” and politely looked at the table, then left. I would have bought something if I had chatted with them, but instead I got a “friend” who was super nasty and scared me away. Here’s the tip: don’t bring a friend or significant other who doesn’t really believe in your work. If they would rather scare people off with nasty than hawk your wares, just fly solo. Most other crafters are nice enough to watch the table on your bathroom break.

The other table who lost a sale is someone I’ve wanted to buy from on Etsy. I walked up (no hello or eye contact from them, that’s bad already) and looked around. They had a pin I liked but the design I really wanted wasn’t there, I was going to ask if they had more around at home and, if not, I was going to buy the pin, but when I turned around they were gone. Gone! Who walks away from a table when there’s a customer there?! I don’t care how bad it’s going, you need to stay there, say hello, make eye contact, these are basics!

Anyway, hope my random craft show advice helped, they probably should have been separate posts, but whatever! Too late now! I’ll be posting new items soon that debuted at the show (I like to make a few special items for the Bazaar every year and those that don’t sell I list later) and do a post on what sold out/was the most popular.

In conclusion: see you next year!

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