My Xmas Tree 2010

My Xmas Tree 2010

Thanksgiving was kind of a bust this year, which you would think would put a damper on my holiday spirits, but it actually ended up making me want to celebrate Xmas all the more. Two days after Thanksgiving I had my tree village set up. I don’t do a traditional big tree, instead I have a little white tree with baby trees around it and faux grass. Around the tree My Little Ponies, Hello Kitties, and glitter penguins frolic … as boyfriend said, “It’s so you.”

As you can see, I have almost no ornaments aside from the few I’ve gotten as gifts, because a couple years back I gave all my holiday stuff to my parents. I figured I might as well since I always visit them on Christmas Day anyway, but this year I wanted to set up a tree for myself. I went to Borders and they were having a 50% off holiday decorations sale so I bought the mini glass balls for the tiny trees and the penguins on the cheap. Win! When I went to Target to get the traditional Christmas My Little Ponies I was shocked and horrified to see that they redesigned them yet again! Boo! My old ones will suffice, I actually think they’re pretty rad.

My Xmas Tree 2010 My Xmas Tree 2010

The plush Hello Kitty snowman is one of my favorite decorations, it’s supposed to play music is something but I don’t think it ever worked. At least the music box in the base gives it enough weight that it never tips over!

If you can believe it I’m almost completely done with my Xmas shopping, since I’m verging on broke a lot of people are getting handmade presents (as in handmade by me), but they seem to like them. For some reason I’m still stuck at 8 years old when my handmade gifts were just a crappy cop-out, lol. I just need to get Meowmers some super high powered catnip and we’re good to go! So are you done with your shopping yet, campers?

6 thoughts on “My Xmas Tree 2010

  1. Bubs

    Kawaii! I especially adore the Hello Kitty snowman <3

    Ha! I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I always wait until the very last minute. I may head out to the mall tonight but… it's so COLD (T◠T)

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Yay! She’s my favorite too :3 there is one thing I have to go out in person to get and that’s what I’m being the worst about putting off XP I don’t do cold! lol


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