December 2010 Goals Wrapup

  • Finish holiday shopping without buying anything for myself – I kind of did this one, on the whole I did really well but I did end up buying a $5 Ice-Bat toy for myself, which is especially odd because I don’t like Uglydoll (though Ice-Bat is okay). Close though! $5 is definitely a record low.


  • Restock Shanalogic and make new necklace design – I did do this one! I have everything boxed up and ready to be sent out, I just need to take the shop photos of the new design before it gets sent out, which should be extremely soon.


  • Add wholesale info and stockist lists page to blog – Um, fail. I wanted to though!


  • Add press page to the blog – Another fail, I did start updating individual blog posts with press when they got it (like Treasuries, etc.), but that’s not really good enough!


  • Figure out branding direction for my lines – This one I’m still unsure of. I was thinking about it just yesterday, I love having a stand alone store on Storenvy, but when I go to shop handmade I vastly prefer shopping on Etsy. So what to trust, my instincts as a business owner, or my instincts as a shopper? Sigh …


  • Add shipping policies page to blog – I actually did write this, even though you can’t see it, and that’s because I realized I need a “shop” parent page or it wouldn’t make sense, a random shipping policies page hovering in the nav bar, how curious.


  • List Valentines Day items in shops – No but I have lots of them and they are super sweet :3 Also I did manage to add the Valentine’s Day Section to the shop, so that’s something. I guess adding new things will have to be a January goal now!

Okay so not a barn stormer exactly, but what can you do? I did end up finishing the book I talked about in the goals post, so I’ll review that soon! Anyway, Happy New Year!

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