Post a Day #2: Props

I decided to participate in the WordPress Post a Day 2011 project just because I like blogging prompts, it will give me a chance to work outside of my comfort zone. If I have another personal post for the day and I don’t like the topic I’ll use it as a stand in, otherwise look forward to random numbered posts!

Today’s topic was something along the lines of “Who in your field or line of work do you feel is under-appreciated?” My answer is Hanaletters. Hanaletters’ handmade felt jewelry is the best I’ve ever seen, they’re creative, gorgeous, and almost always one of a kind. Her prices are really low too, so why her work says in her shop for as long as it does it a mystery to me. I have a hard time not buying almost every single piece that she makes!

Her style feels a little bit like Jam Fancy to me (though I doubt their paths have crossed), but if Jam Fancy had made these amazing felt pins you can bet that they’d sell in seconds for 5x or more than Hanaletters is asking. That’s why I feel like Hanaletters’ work is crazy under-appreciated! Perhaps you should go to her shop and show her some love, hmm?

~ Brigitte

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