Mini Cupcake Resin Necklaces

Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Cupcake Necklaces
(sold out)

These are the first of the new Valentine’s Day items to hit the shop and they happen to be made from some of my all-time favorite stickers. These super sweet cupcakes are one of those things I regret not ordering a ton of when I had the chance, what ever I make from them I always love! I thought these two would be a nice Valentine’s pairing too, there’s a naughty (chocolate maroon) cupcake and a nice (pink vanilla) one ;3 Plus they’re small, I don’t normally make small pieces, but I know a lot of people like them, so voila!

I actually think these would be perfect for a best friends Valentine’s Day exchange, where you give one and keep the other, like those old school BFF necklaces, but slightly more fun.

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