Post a Day #4: Happy

Today’s Post a Day topic is to share something that makes you smile. I’m a pretty happy gal so I thought of about 10,000,000 things I could post here, but when I asked myself what on the internet (since I want people on teh webs to be able to enjoy it) makes me laugh out loud I had my answer instantly: Hark! a Vagrant!

I’ve blogged about them plenty of times before, but I cannot stress how much I love this comic (click on the one I posted to view it larger). When I first saw this strip I actually laughed out loud until I cried, I’m not sure why exactly, but the third panel reminded me of the time I got a $300 cell phone bill (lord, what a nightmare that was) and my only recourse was the call the phone company in tears.

Hark! a Vagrant’s comics are so darn smart, too, there are tons of strips about literature so the lit nerd in me is all a squee over them. Plus I bought their David Bowie Coffee Cup for my Dad for xmas 2010 (he loved it, of course).

If the internet was on fire and I could only save one website, it would be theirs – not even mine, theirs. It makes me that happy.

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