My Little Pony Rainbow Curl Streaky

My Little Pony Rainbow Curl Streaky

I assume that Streaky has become rare because I couldn’t find her for sale on ebay, and all the Rainbow Curl series ponies I did find on ebay has hair in such a state of destruction that I shed a single tear. Rainbow Curl ponies are notorious for being impossible to find in beautiful shape, mostly because their gorgeous curls brought out the lil’ hair maven in all children, and nary a one made it through the 80s un-frizzed.

This Streaky isn’t perfect, her hair is dry on the ends and the light pink mane streak has a pretty big dry spot, but all of the dryness is nestled safely inside the curls. The curls aren’t factory, but I did recondition and re-curl her myself, and I’m really good at it (no really, I rock). It took about an hour, but the ringlets are fab and very soft. Plus she has her original pony smell! Almost none of the ponies I bought still do, it probably helps that I kept her safe inside a plastic bag all these years.

Update! Streaky has been adopted but I’m leaving the post up so you can check out her photos if you are so inclined.

~ Brigitte

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