First Zombuki Custom of 2011

Started work on the first Zombuki custom of 2011, a Pullip. I’d been out of the studio for months at this point, and when ever I’m gone for a long time it’s hard to come back. I’m making her just to make her. It’s a color scheme I’ve actually had in my head for about three months now, so I’m glad I finally got to use it. Her hair will be the exact same color as Dia’s but long and wavy. Also, I’m doing a new technique for her, something I call glitter eyes. It’s a technique I perfected (ha) when I was customizing My Little Ponies and I’m actually planning on putting a tutorial up here soon so you can give your doll glitter eyes too, if you like.

Her base is Cinciallegra, a doll I bought for myself when I went out to California for my Valley of the Dolls show. I bought her because she has some of the most stunning eyebrows of any Pullip release, so I ended up leaving them intact, something I almost never do.

I’m simultaneously working on a custom for a swap, so I’ll post photos of her soon too, and after that, another swap doll! It’s actually been a relief in a way, getting back to making the dolls and not worrying about the money, I have to say, I like it.

One thought on “First Zombuki Custom of 2011

  1. Ningyou

    Nice start,i really love the color of her make up. <3
    She's gonna be really pretty ^.^, can't to see more pictures of her and the other girl your working on. =3


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