You’re Killing the Internet

This is the best thing ever. It’s called See Something? Cite Something. and it’s about how lame people are killing the internet. Click on the image to view it larger and (if it’s still tiny) click again to see it full size. From the original blog post:

Consider this reference material for the next time you find an artist’s work on a website without attribution to all the hard work someone put in. Next time you see someone posting something that isn’t theirs on Tumblr or Flickr or DeviantArt or wherever else, let them know what you really think. That they are killing the internet. And of course, every time you do that, the Internet (which, let’s face it, is a kitten) sheds a single tear. And then dies because IT HAS BEEN KILLED BY STUPID PEOPLE.

This is something I have complained about a million times and it’s the reason I have stopped using Tumblr and unsubscribed to the Fred Flare blog (now defunct). They are a huge lifestyle blog and are enormous offenders when it comes to culling things from the internet and linking only to themselves in the post content. Tacky!

I’ve had tons of things taken from my blogs, too, and it’s just patheti-sad. Hey fools! I know when you’re stealing my post ideas! I subscribe to your blog too! On the up side, when I see that someone has credited to me I usually try to thank them, leave a comment, or something similar. I also want to give special props to Tomopop, they’re a huge blog with tons of advertisers and they’ve cited me as a source two times. Not only does it make me happy, but it makes me feel more bonded to that blog. Maybe think about that next time you want to steal content ya lazies!

via Lost at E Minor

2 thoughts on “You’re Killing the Internet

  1. Rose

    Oh god, this. A thousand times this D:

    This is why I’ve never really been into tumblr or other sites where it seems to be A-OK to post stuff that you very obviously didn’t photograph/draw without any credits whatsoever. As an artist I’m simply a bit insulted, particularly as sometimes I see people posting my stuff on such sites. :/

    I think that a lot of people don’t understand proper creative commons license and copyright and think that giant machines somewhere produce all this stuff just so they can “share” it and claim it as their own.


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