Who Am I? Who Are You?

“Who am I?” is an excellent question, but in a way, a far more important one is, “Who are you?” I recently posted a link to this article on defining your target market. Though brief, it did resonate with something that’s been bothering me for a while. My blog and the things I make and sell are so scattered, so eclectic, that when I ask myself to describe my target market I simply cannot.

Most handmade business advice is not geared towards “Jacks of all trade” like myself, so there’s not a lot of advice out there for people like me. What to do? Embrace the chaos? Or force myself to edit? Both sound appealing, don’t they?

From another article on the same site:

Every blog needs to have a big idea behind it. It should be the backbone of your posts and something that your readers can easily share. […]

It should relate to the big idea behind your creative business, and it should be evident from the content that you publish on your blog. This is another way that your readers become loyal fans of you and your business, and loyal fans buy.

If you write your blog for your target market, publish content that helps your readers solve problems and give your readers an obvious way to buy, you’ll be much closer to making money from your blog.

Alas, I don’t do that either! It’s tough stuff, kids, tough stuff. At the moment I’m kind of an “every random thing blog plus shop thing,” like a chimera, except who knows if all the parts look pretty all smooshed together. Here’s where I’d love it if you weigh in, advice, anecdotes, whatever, lay it on me!

Image by Tiny Dolls

Links removed because these articles no longer exist; thankfully I had to presence of mind in 2011 to take a quote out or there would be no way of knowing what I was talking about anymore.

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