Kookizu’s Kitty Kei Necklace is Adorable

Kookizu's Kitty Kei Necklace

Yeah, I said it, adorable. Too cute for words, even! I had to take some photos of the sweetness in the package. Thank you to Kookizu for sending it my way (we talked about design stuff some and she sent it to me because she’s a doll), I love it.

Kookizu's Kitty Kei Necklace

I actually have a huge soft spot for enamel jewelry so I’m hoping so hard that she keeps adding pieces like this to her ever-expanding line. We can hope! So what do you think of enamel jewelry?

2 thoughts on “Kookizu’s Kitty Kei Necklace is Adorable

  1. Theresa

    Well this meant I had to go check out the whole line. And I’m in love! Just adorable. The narwals are a particularly nice touch. Working in the fine jewelry biz as I do I’ve found it very interesting how people have reacted to the rising cost in precious metals. Both casual and couture jewelry have turned to alternate materials. But rarely the same materials. I’d like to see more overlap. Fine jewelry making use of resin for instance – though I suppose their has been a resurgence of bacalite. Which is fun!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Awesome! I’m glad you checked out her stuff too, it’s so great! I really hadn’t given thought to rising costs, but now that you mention it lands! that must be brutal O_O


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