Prompt #57

What was the last time you did a random act of kindness?

I like to do a lot of random, nice things, mostly because they make me happy. I guess if it counts the most recent was bothering to open my car door and go through a lot of hassle to pick up a receipt – I had been in a drive thru and tried to throw it in the garbage from my window, but it missed. I got out of my car, hunted it down, and threw it away in part because I figured if the person behind me in line saw it they might think of it next time they saw trash on the ground and do their part to help out. Silly, perhaps, but thus is my reasoning.

Before that it was help a little old lady at the grocery who was in a power chair, she needed help with apple juice. I really like helping old people, I think they’re so sweet and even when they’re not they’ve lived long enough to be entitled to it. They’re always nice to me though, they can probably sense that I like them.

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