ATC #1108/1109 Blank Eyed/Nose Bleed

ATC 1108 Blank Eyed ATC 1109 Nose Bleed

Titles: Blank Eyed and Nose Bleed
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

If the titles “Blank Eyed” and “Nose Bleed” don’t ring a bell to you, fear not, they are references to one of my favorite bands, ADULT. and a track off their album “Anxiety Always.” I opened one of my fashion magazines a few days ago to see these mannequin-esque women gawking out at me with their plastic skin and mouths agape; it was depressing. The song from which the two titles is derived had been in my head for days, but it seemed particularly appropriate when looking at these images, and so these two collages were born.

At the moment I’m in the mood just to swap them, so the first person interested should leave a comment here (with a valid email) and I’ll contact them for their mailing address. In the US they’ll be sent out the next day, outside the US it will be within the week, since I have to go to the post office for that. In exchange send anything you like, or nothing at all, I don’t really care, but swaps are still fun so that’s why I like trading best.

Update: They have been adopted.

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