A Trip to the Park

My Favorite Tree

I love this tree. If you can believe it, I met this tree 22 years ago and I’ve had some kind of relationship with it ever since. I played around it as a kid and I took photos of a Dal on it less than a week ago. It’s not in my backyard, we actually never had a backyard since my Dad did not believe in yard work, it’s at a park. It’s strange the way you get attached to things like a tree or outdoor spaces, things that don’t “belong” to you, but every time I see it I’m happy. The photos that go with this seemingly random photo of a tree will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

In much less poetic news I’m planning on buying Pokemon Sunday and spending a giant chunk of time playing it thereafter, and it will be great. To gear up today I was well-behaved and did work on my thesis. Pokemon might be fun, but I will be devastated if I somehow manage to screw up finishing my Master’s thesis.

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