Get the Look: Byul Hermine

Byul Hermine – Innocent World Series

The Innocent World trio, which includes Hermine (the Byul above), are on the top of my “to buy” doll list at the moment. I knew all of their clothes were real Innocent World clothes, because the dolls are a collaboration with the company, but I hadn’t seen the real life outfits yet … until today! For Hermine at least I found these photos (below) of her people sized outfits floating around Tumblr.


Aren’t these pieces pretty? I’m 100% sure that’s her jumper and the wrap is close enough. Not to mention that I really want to add the wrap to my wardrobe, I hope it’s faux fur. I mean, I love fur, but I’d rather have the extra pets, you know?

If you’ve seen the clothes for any other Groove dolls let me know where in the comments I’d love to see them!

~ Brigitte

5 thoughts on “Get the Look: Byul Hermine

  1. Ningyou

    I really like this doll she’s so pretty and her outfit is really tempting me (i’m also tempted by Tiphona’s outfit <3)
    I remember i saw Tiphona's dress (human size) how not to love this dress… \(*o*)/ *melting*

  2. Theresa Kappel

    OOO very nice. Love the outfit, I have some X-mas $$ that’s been burning a hole in my pocket. This might be the one! When I first saw the doll it reminded me of Baby the Stars Shine Brite dresses, nice to find another cool Lolita style outfit!

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