Miss Kika x Zombuki Collaboration

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve started work on a collaboration doll swap piece for the amazing Miss Kika! I’ve been a fan of Miss Kika (aka Liz) for 8,000,000 years (give or take) and am thrilled to say that I now own two of her amazing paintings! The Zombuki doll that I’ll be making for her is based off of her “Hail Rainbow Full of Grace” piece above. Isn’t it gorgeous? Part of the reason I picked it is because “Rainbow” is the first Miss Kika print that I bought and it’s hanging up in my studio.

The very purple wig above is what I’ll be using for Zombuki Rainbow, it’s long, wavy, and really pretty. I would have liked it to be more plum/magenta like the piece, but it will fit the doll I end up making nicely. I’m also using one of my favorite Pullips for the base, Marianne, whose lavender skin will be perfect for this girl.

I worked on her a bunch in the studio yesterday and I’m planning on doing the same today. Progress photos will follow shortly!

~ Brigitte

3 thoughts on “Miss Kika x Zombuki Collaboration

  1. Ningyou

    Ohh, can’t wait to see your next custom. *________*
    “Hail Rainbow Full of Grace” is such a beautiful piece, really delicate and colorful, i love it. <3

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