Byul Bath Time Update, The Results Are In!

Byul Humpty Dumpty had a bath to fix her box hair and the results are in! Pretty cute, huh? The hair is a little wild still, but it’s a lot softer. She’s got a bit of a cowlick from her egg hat hairstyle, you can see it in the left photo, but I think I can fix it. The wave of the hair is interesting, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the wig on a Byul, but I definitely want to put it in the “keep” pile. There’s only about 4 wigs from Groove/Jun Planning I’ve used in 50 customs, but I’m sure this will be one of them! Maybe a Pullip?

If you want to condition one of the Groove dolls yourself it’s pretty simple, I just washed it with regular shampoo, rinsed it out, then you soak it with conditioner and leave it in the sink for a little bit – about as long as it takes you to blog about it, by my count. Then you use a little comb (I use an old Fairy Tail Birds comb, it works great) to comb out the tangles, and rinse it out. I squeeze the extra water out then smooth it into shape, maybe comb it again, and let it air dry overnight. Easy peasy! It’s actually the same method I use for reconditioning My Little Pony hair.

Ain’t she cute?

~ Brigitte

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