Miss Kika Zombuki in the Studio

I’m really excited about this Zombuki! (Remember the first post?) I’ve been working on this Pullip all week and she’s nearly finished. I’m trying to figure out what eye chips to use, though I think I’m settled on the eyelashes, and then she’ll be ready for photos! I went a little more abstract with the rainbow design, you can see all the colors I used on the face in the photo above, it’s the most different colors I’ve used in a while … ever maybe?

In the original I really liked the clouds so I made one half of the face cloud outlines that I free handed onto the face. The rest of the pics are really blue because the light was odd in the morning before I started working, but the face is really lavender and you can sort of see it here.

Marianne is a really pricey base doll, so I’ve only been able to work with two of them (Dia was the other), but the skin tone is amazing, the light purple makes me think of porcelain dolls, and since it’s so light I can use yellow and white on it without it being an issue.

I did the lips sort of different with this girl too, they have kind of a sharper edge like Ume’s lips but with a light orange edge on both sides. I’m really happy with how they turned out. This pic was actually the first I took, it’s before I gave her eyebrows. I think she looks a lot better with them! Anyway, hope you like her, I’m so happy to be making her.

~ Brigitte

8 thoughts on “Miss Kika Zombuki in the Studio

  1. Theresa Kappel

    She does seem to have a different feel than many of your other designs. I like the color combos you choose for the left side, the subtle lavender as the center layer blends with the face tone and defines the two more vivid layers. I also like the way the eyelashes on the right look like the folds on the flower petals, very pretty. And I noticed the light orange edge to the lips right away. It brings in the multicolor aspect of the rest of the face…and make her very unique. Good work!

    1. Brigitte

      Thank you Miss Theresa! You’re really observant :3 which shouldn’t come as a surprised of course, I’m just really impressed you picked up on so much. Yay, my work isn’t for nothing!! lol :D

  2. Ningyou

    Awww, i really love how you included elements from the reference picture adding your how twist to it. *_*
    She’s very eye-catching, i love everything about her, great job. <3

    1. Brigitte

      @ Ningyou: Aww, thank you for your comment, it means a lot that you noticed so much about her! I hope to have her finished soon so I can show her off :3 hehe!


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