Fashion: Tiding of Spring

Tiding of Spring from Vogue Girl Korea

Super pretty! Vogue Girl Korea has some of the prettiest sweetest photo shoots. The layering and the colors are absolutely beautiful and I like the simple background and props. The photos are really inspiring, as much for the staging as the colors, plus the clothes are amazing!

The ombre effect of the skirt on the right it too gorgeous! The head pieces in all the shots are really interesting too. I like the oversize fake flowers because they make the models remind me of dolls, I should really do something like this for a Zombuki shoot some time :3

The bluebells make the models look like fairies carrying flower lanterns. I mean, awesome fairy samurai warriors, of course! So many great things to take note of! You can click on the images to view them and click again if you want to download them :3

~ Brigitte

via Todokawaii

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