MLP x Jem = Rama Llama

MIB Rama Llama

Behold the shocking greatness that is Rama Llama! Rama Llama is probably one of the coolest 80s toys that I own, it was a collaboration between two of the 80s greatest franchises, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms, plus it was mail order only! Years ago, when I was re-collecting a bunch of my childhood toys, I found this little wonder (who had completely alluded my childhood radar) still in the original bag and snapped it up. Here you can see it triumphantly thrust towards the heavens over my newly painted sky blue guest room wall, victory!

Well that was dramatic. Anyway, as you can plainly see, Rama Llama has an adorable face, the head and legs are pink plastic with lavender highlights (like the hooves and nose) and the body is covered in hot pink faux fur. The reason I bought her MIB (aside from that being exciting to me as a nerd) is that the fur just tended not to make the 20+ year travel through time without getting horribly mauled.

Rama Llama also came with some totally sweet accessories: a blanket and a llama shaped comb, which is the greatest thing ever. Well, it’s at least one of the greatest combs to ever come with a toy from the 80s, and I’m completely sure on that point. Part of me really feels like I should take Rama Llama out of the bag, but she’s been in there for so long … ack! the collector dork inside me just won’t let me do it.

So what do you think of her? Have you seen her before or is this your first exposure to the greatness that is Rama Llama?

~ Brigitte

PS: Rama Llama is not for sale, sorry!

17 thoughts on “MLP x Jem = Rama Llama

    1. Brigitte

      @ Aimee: Thank you! I feel lucky to have found her for sure. I’m surprised I haven’t opened her too! I opened most of my MIB My Little Ponies!

  1. Scott Hamilton


    Why does that exist? Why would a holographic glam band need a llama? Why would a llama need a blanket? Wouldn’t that be like a cow wearing leather shoes? Why?

    1. Brigitte

      @ Scott: You know what they say, one man WTF is another (wo)man’s Greatest Thing Ever ;3 Though good point re: the blanket, I guess the 80s were just a more carefree time.

  2. Ningyou

    Ohh my God!! This is the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen, how come i’ve never heard of these before. *o*
    I’m seriously in love. *___*

  3. Sardonyx

    It is the greatest thing ever, and I have one too! I bought it years ago MIB but I had to remove it so I could put it’s lovely blanket on it!

    Llamas are one of the first animals that my niece learned to name because of it!! Though she was surprised that when she saw a real one at the zoo, it wasn’t hot pink! ;)

    1. Brigitte

      Thanks for your comment Sardonyx! :D I totally agree that she deserves to be displayed out of the bag, I don’t know why I have such a hard time opening it @_@ Maybe once I have a nice display space for it I can bear to open the bag! That’s so cute about your niece, hehe, the noble llama is an awesome first animal!

  4. Deborah

    Lucky you! I have one out of the bag and love her but wish she was in a bag since all of my collection is still in unopened boxes. Please don’t free her for all the people that dream of getting her mint in bag one day. You could always buy one out of bag and sell that one. Like to me please!!!


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