Junko Mizuno’s "Magical Serpent Girl" Limited Edition Art Print

“Magical Serpent Girl” by Junko Mizuno

I really love this new piece by Junko Mizuno, it was made for the Sweet Streets Magical Girl show, and now this piece is being released as a limited edition art print on April 22, 2011. You can actually pre-order it through Sweet Streets right now and since it’s a signed, limited edition Mizuno print I had to go ahead and get it. The price was reasonable (it’s 11″ x 14″ which is larger than I expected) and I actually don’t have any Mizuno art yet, only books and toys. It’s an edition of 25 and only $100.

While I love Mizuno’s style and a lot of her individual pieces, the majority of her work I don’t want to hang on my walls, most of it just has too much sex and (sexualized) violence in it for my tastes. There are a lot of artists like that though, where I’ll like them, but I only love about 10% of their work. This piece is really perfect though and I couldn’t let it slip away! Honestly I would buy the original if I could.

Update! I got it and it’s absolutely beautiful in real life!

~ Brigitte

PS: Thank you to Caro for being awesome and for getting back to me about the print size so fast, you’re the best!

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