The Making of Lil’ Head Zombuki Pullip Fortuna

This is Fortuna, the newest Zombuki! I have so many dolls in the studio right now I didn’t want to break her “making of” up into multiple posts, so all the photos are here in one post! I finished her photo shoot on black yesterday and decided to name her Fortuna today, after the Roman personification of luck.

Fortuna’s “making of” started a long time ago when someone contacted me to make a Lil’ Head Pullip of Ume. It was when I was making Lil’ Kimi (I’m not remaking my existing girls as Lil’ Heads anymore), but the wig I had made for her was all wrong and I couldn’t use it. I waited forty forevers to start the doll, too long really, and luckily. I was allowed to make this girl in her place. I absolutely love her and cannot wait to post more photos, I hope you like her too!

I was asked to make a girl with long-ish hair, flower petal eyes, and dotted eyebrows in red, turquoise, and light blue (if necessary). Red and turquoise together is a favorite combination of mine, so bold and gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to start her! I picked up Little Pullip Aquarius because the wig is exactly what I was looking for, it’s really lovely. I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the Little Pullip and Dal wigs I’ve seen so far. The first step (above, after prepping the face, of course) was to paint the red parts of the design.

Next I did all the turquoise elements, there really couldn’t be any overlap on the red because it looked really strange and wasn’t opaque, so I had to be really careful. Tiny faces are fun and hard at the same time, they come together so quickly compared to the big faces, but they’re really unforgiving! I think I held my breath the whole time I was painting the eyelashes. I was using a new brush too, which was slightly stiff and hard to handle.

Zombuki Fortuna in the Studio

I ended up painting the eyes to match the hair and gave her red eyelashes so everything really popped. The eyelashes are “flares” which means they’re small clusters of 4-5 individual lashes and I had to place each cluster inside the eye separately. I think each eye had five flares each. It’s funny how tiny flares look like super long eyelashes on a Lil’ Head!

After that it was just a matter of assembling Fortuna into the girl you saw at the top of the post! I’m really looking forward to posting the photos of her completely assembled and styled. I was going to use her to do my Obitsu hybrid tutorial, but the main screw in the back of her head was stuck and I couldn’t photograph things properly. Grr! Next time though, I promise!

~ Brigitte

8 thoughts on “The Making of Lil’ Head Zombuki Pullip Fortuna

  1. Ningyou

    Aww, she’s gorgeous!! *_*
    I think she’s my favourite amoung your Little zombuki so far. <3
    I totaly agree with you about working on tiny heads, it's really fun but so hard… XD
    I tried to customize my first little pullip about 3-4 times and i'm still not satisfied, hehe good thing the reason why i bought her was practicing. ^^"

    1. Brigitte

      @ Ningyou: Thank you! I definitely agree with you, I love all my girls of course, but Fortuna has really stolen my heart! The practice is good, I think making all those kokeshi (about 40) really prepared me for the Lil’ Heads!


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