Rabbito Custom by Mall

Mall is one of those artists whose toy customs always make me catch my breath. Literally, I actually really in real life gasp slightly when ever she reveals a new piece. Mall is one of the very few artists around right now who are actually able to elevate toys to the realm of true art, her pieces never fail to be gorgeous, intricate, and breath taking. It is definitely one of my goals in life to own a piece of her amazing work, either in toy or a more traditional medium! Mall just posted this stunning new custom named “Rabbito,” made for a client (who isn’t me, unfortunately) and I was blown away yet again.

Those in the toy scene will recognize this little gem as a Teddy Troop, now so sweetly transformed that it so wildly exceeds any mass manufactured run of the toy as to border on obscenity. Sorry, that sentence had a lot of ten dollar words, let me rephrase: OMG so awesome! The sculptural additions are especially amazing, the ruff, the mushrooms, and the organic-looking helmet, with petals being pushed apart by the head, really puts this piece over the top.

A huge gallery of Rabbito photos, including sketches, is on Mall’s blog – I strongly suggest you check it out!

~ Brigitte

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