ATC #1112 Nina Ricci

The third in my series of fashion collages is Nina Ricci. I love using blobs of nail polish in collages, they just look so strange out on context. The outfit in this ATC is pretty wonderfully strange too, I love the collar and the beautiful use of color. I use torn edges a lot in my collages because I like the way it calls attention to the fact that this is, in fact, a collage. A lot, perhaps most, collage artists cut edges super close and try and create the illusion that all these pieces together are one new, coherent piece – I think they always fail. My frequent use of torn edges are kind of my way of thumbing my nose at that collage tradition, just because I find it so silly and the results so ugly. Collage I think of like quilting, it’s beautiful the way things are obviously put together from various places, a quilt that tried to hide it’s patches would look wrong, and I see collage the same way.

~ Brigitte

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