Zombuki Doll Photos: Mala Dia Outside

I’ve had these photos of Zombuki Dal Mala Dia for nearly a year, can you believe it? I ended up sitting on them for so long because they were featured in Issue 5 of Ningyou Magazine and they asked me to hold off on posting them until it came out. Now that it is out I’m very proud to say that the photo above was featured on the cover.

I don’t make many Dal-bukis anymore, but I think her look really needed the Dal face. I wanted something kind of stern and Mala is absolutely and adorably stern. You can see her wig a bit better in these photos too, I really love the gray mix, and it matches her BHC dress perfectly. The dress has sort of an Alice in Wonderland meets Little Red Riding hood vibe to it and it’s super well made, I had a really hard time parting with it!

Hope you enjoy the photos, a gallery of the whole photo shoot is below. These are the last of Mala Dia, but I have lots more to post and I’ll try to be good about it.

~ Brigitte


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