ATC #1113 Hussein Chalayan

The fourth piece in my series of fashion collages features the amazing transforming dress by Hussein Chalayan. This dress is crazy, changing shape as it moves down the runway, it’s really impressive. I found photos of it all ticked out a few seconds apart and could have sworn that I cut it out, but now I can’t find it. When I found this image a second time I made this collage with it straight away! In the background is “Tears” by Man Ray, I wanted this piece to match without being too “matchy matchy,” there are some tweaks I’d make to it, but on the whole I’m happy with how it came out.

Update! After I wrote the paragraph above – a few days after to be precise – I was going through a box of old collage clippings and found this dress at the very bottom. It looks like I only cut out the first page of a full spread on it, which is a shame because I wish I had the whole article, but at least I know when I first saw it now! Apparently it was the December 2006 issue of Vogue that introduced me to this amazing dress!

~ Brigitte

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