Blank Kokeshi Dolls

DIY Kokeshi Dolls

Blank kokeshi dolls aren’t new to the shop, but I’ve moved shops/sites a lot in the last year so I wanted to post about them again since they’ve been super popular lately! It’s funny because I feel like, when times are tough, people prefer craft hobbies in their free time instead of just going to the mall and spending money – but craft hobbies are so much cooler anyway; who needs the excuse?!

I remember when I first put these kokeshi dolls together, originally it was just so I could make kokeshi myself, but then I realized that there was literally no one selling DIY kokeshi for anything close to a reasonable price … and that’s the story! The A style body used to be the most popular, but now B is definitely in the lead, hmm! It’s still a dream of mine to organize a kokeshi show some day, they’re such an amazing craft and the possibilities for them are endless.

So there you have it! A friendly reminder that there are blank kokeshi in the shop.

Update: These are no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Blank Kokeshi Dolls

  1. Estivalia

    Hi! I wanted to buy a couple blank kokeshi dolls, but your Etsy shop is closed. Do you still sell them anywhere else? (and do you ship internationally? I’m in Chile). Thanks for any info :)


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