Zombuki Doll Photos: Fortuna Outside

Patient observers of the site may have noticed that new photos of Lil’ Head Zombuki Fortuna appeared in the gallery late last night. Unexpected since my “on black” post said that there wouldn’t be any more photos of Fortuna. Well, the lovely person who commissioned Fortuna emailed me after reading the post and gave the okay for a few more days delay so I could take these outdoor photos – I jumped at the chance. Now that I’ve gotten word that Fortuna is safely home I wanted to reveal these new pics of her.

I’m really pleased with how this shoot came out, but these shots were an absolute nightmare to get, one of the worst times I’ve had shooting ever. I post this not to complain (boo hoo) but to let all my doll peeps know that outdoor photos generally mean suffering, but they are absolutely worth it. I went to the park per usual, but I did it on a particularly hot day. Normally, I only shoot one doll at a time, but this time I got crazy and brought Heliotrope with me too. Bad idea! Outdoor photos in super hot weather are exhausting, but I just wasn’t thinking. I shot Fortuna after Helio and by the time I started the second set of pics the sun was already making me dizzy …

Those who take doll photos know the importance of asking themselves questions like, “What is this outdoor area a’swarm with?” and in my case I had already been bombarded by sand fleas (ick) so this bush was carefully inspected – all I saw were pillbugs and black ants, no worries. Then two bees landed on me, two! I was not about to get stung for photos, no sir, so I quickly packed up my dolls and power walked back to the car! Good thing too, I was getting heat stroke. Before I got to the car I went to the bathroom to wash my face and cool down, but the walls were crawling with love bugs! They were everywhere, it was so super gross, I mean I like love bugs, but there were hundreds in there, so it was more power walking for me.

In the end I love the photos and that’s all that matters, at least to me (which I probably only say because I wasn’t stung by bees). The beautiful dress in these photos was handmade by my muse, Art Plonsjeroze, the shoes are from Re-Ment, and I don’t remember where the apron is from. I hope you really like these photos and thank you again to Fortuna’s owner for letting me take these, it was an adventure and an honor. Remember doll peeps, we may suffer for our photos, but we never suffer alone!

~ Brigitte

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