Craft It Forward Kokeshi is Ready to Go

The kokeshi doll I made for Craft It Forward is finally finished! I had to make some comprises, but I’m happy with how she came out. I like leaving a lot of the natural wood showing on kokeshi and I’ve been doing it more lately, partially because it’s more traditional and partially just because I love the way wood grain looks :3

I photographed the other kokeshi the same way and I’ll be revealing them soon. I really like the background and I’m working on making the shop look more “natural.” The kokeshi always look wrong to me when they aren’t in the studio or on my display shelves, so I decided to give the wood background a try. There’s no real way to photograph them on my beloved, paint splattered desk without the photos looking kind of lazy, so this was my middle ground.

More studio photos are in the works too, I had a really productive Tuesday and Thursday this week, lol! :D

~ Brigitte

8 thoughts on “Craft It Forward Kokeshi is Ready to Go

  1. Beka

    Oh, she’s very pretty! Lucky reciever :) I have finally decided what I am doing for the CIF challenge myself so am hoping to get a wiggle on this weekend.

  2. Ningyou

    Hello little one!!! *_* Ahhh i haven’t realised yet that she’ll soon be at home. *excited*
    She’s just so pretty, the wooden background was a really great idea. ^3^
    Aww Brigitte, you can’t even imagine how happy i am right now, thanks a billion time for making this cute little girl for me. <3

    1. Brigitte

      @ Ningyou: Yay! :D I wanted to surprise you with it here, I’m so glad you like her (and the new background)! She’ll be going to the post office this week, probably on Tuesday, my regular day. I’ll send you another note then too. Hugs!!!


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