Kokeshi #55 Pumpkin

I cannot believe that I’ve made fifty-five kokeshi dolls, but then again it has been years … maybe it should be more? Normally when something sits in the “progress drawer” (which is actually a drawer) for so long it never gets finished, I’m glad that Pumpkin was an exception! Pumpkin is named after the pumpkin feeling she gives me, which makes sense since I did start her in November of 2009. Yes, indeed, 200. Way to hang in there Pumpkin!

I went all-out with the embellishments on her and I’m so pleased with how she looks – this was the step holding her up for the last year and a half. The resin eye piece has two rows of faux pearls including one that wraps around the mint green flower. The flower on the body also has small pearls around the base, which you can only see from certain angles. I try to make the kokeshi not to have a “front” and “back” (though that’s kind of impossible since they have faces), but to look good no matter how you hold them.

The “B” type kokeshi body used for Pumpkin has been the most popular lately so I’ve been hesitant to use any of them during the recent studio time, but I might have to pull one out of the stash to customize or Pumpkin will the only one of her kind in the shop!

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Kokeshi #55 Pumpkin

  1. Ningyou

    Yay, she turned out really nice, you did a wonderful job with her. ^3^
    Every single detail is awesome, i really love the ornaments on her head and body. <3


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