Studio Photos: Even More New Kokeshi!

After my previous kokeshi studio post I kept on plugging away, working on even more kokeshi dolls! I guess I’ve caught kokeshi fever again :3 what can I say? The little pink one in the middle might look familiar, she’s actually a “little” version of Windy. On the left is one half of a pair of matching kokeshi and on the right is one in the earliest stages of work – but what a crazy color scheme! I wanted something really eye-melting and I think I achieved that @_@ she ended up being a cute zombie :3

Actually these three together show you the steps pretty well: right is just beginning, left has some work done but not all, and middle is completely painted but pre-embellishing. I have to work on multiple kokeshi at once or I won’t give one enough time to dry and will end up messing up the paint. It’s my natural impatience :3 lol Not shown are two finished kokeshi about to pop up in the shop, including one that matches the lady on the left, and other named Little Bad Seed :D lol, I really loving naming these things! ;3

~ Brigitte

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