Kokeshi #58 Little Bad Seed

I’d been meaning to make a “baby” version of the Killbot 10,000 kokeshi but, like a lot of the recent designs, the lil’ fella ended up in the drawer for months. When I took him back out he was just the silver painted base so I decided to give him a Day of the Dead theme! I also wanted to experimenting with outlining the skull in colors other than black and I really liked how it turned out.

After that he ended up sitting around the studio for a week before I realized, hello, Dia de los Muertos? He needs flowers! Little Bad Seed is absolutely saturated with embellishments and the design is a complete one, with beautiful sparkling bits from every angle. I decided to just keep with the simple turquoise and silver color scheme and I’m happy I did. Also, yes, all three metal roses are different shades of blue, it’s not an optical illusion!

Hope you like him!

~ Brigitte

PS: Thank you to everyone who has been picking up blank kokeshi in the shop lately. I only have one set of “A” and one set of “B” kokeshi left in stock, but I have re-ordered them so they’ll be back soon – meaning no shipping delays (in theory!) :D

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