Kokeshi #59 Petunia

Some times the motivation for a kokeshi is simple, for Petunia, when I started her, I was thinking something like, “Purple sure is pretty!” Also, for some reason, I have a mini obsession with the combination of chocolate and lavender, be it in flavors or hair color, I just find in intriguing. So much so that Petunia ended up getting a companion a few kokeshi later.

Petunia really only has brown around the eye, but I wanted to leave her face the natural wood as well. Finishing the wood darkens it a little bit and I really love the way it looks, it’s been hard for me not to leave all of my kokeshi with natural wood faces lately. For her eye piece I just wanted something super girly and floral, it was around the making of the eye piece that I decided to name her Petunia.

Actually, I secretly also named her Petunia after my car, who got a boo boo (now fixed) just before I started this kokeshi. A week without Petunia was not fun and she deserved a little recognition! I’m not the only person who names their cars, right?

~ Brigitte

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