Kokeshi #62 Violet

Like I said in Petunia’s post :3 I loved making her so much that I had to make her a companion! Actually, I really love making them in pairs, the first two kokeshi that I ever made were a set so it’s just been natural to keep it going! Violet has more chocolate colored detailing on her plus a larger eye piece, including some of my hand cast resin! It’s hard to know now what parts of “handmade” people are actually making by hand and what they’re just assembling by hand. I try to make it clear what I do and don’t do @_@ who knows if I succeed! If you ever have questions about this, by the way, feel free to ask!

It’s the same with “vintage” supplies, so many supplies sold as vintage are actually reproductions using either vintage molds or using molds made from a vintage original. Neither of these are actually vintage, in my opinion. I was sold literally every element of Violet’s eye piece (aside from the rhinestones and resin) as “vintage,” but I really can’t verify it, so I say “vintage and reproduction pieces” in my description just to be safe.

Rambling! Anyway :3 you can also see she has two “hair buns,” they’re hard to see in the first photo. One is the size of an “A” type kokeshi head, while the other is the size of a “C” type kokeshi head, lol, you can really see the difference in face sizes here!

Last but not least :3 Miss Violet and Miss Petunia together! They really do look sweet together, but … well I hope they would since I made them to compliment each other and/or stand alone. Usually when I make a complimentary pair I give one an eye piece on the left and the other will have it on the right, usually … not always! lol

~ Brigitte

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