Studio Photos: Skull Pile Kokeshi

Decided to post some photos of my skull pile kokeshi – which should be in the shop soon – while it was still in the early stages :3 I started work on it about a week (or more?) ago but didn’t post photos because, basically, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish it. Isn’t it a crafters worst nightmare to post progress photos and then not be able to finish something? I really wasn’t sure what to do after the photos above, then once I figured out what to do with the head I got stuck on what to do with the body. Happily it’s complete now so I thought I’d show the first two steps. Plus it might be useful to see the process if you’re considering making some kokeshi of your own.

The first step was sketching and doing the base skull pile painting in white. After a bunch of coats of white paint I decided to outline it. I debated what colors to use for a long time and decided to go with black, which I was pretty unhappy about at first. Partially because black is one of the few colors that still makes me anxious so when I work with it I literally hold my breath! I wanted something that looked radioactive, like fallout (I’ll probably end up naming it something similar), but black and white don’t really convey that, so I had to figure something out! You’ll see what I did soon enough, lol, but I’m pretty excited about it. It’s not going to be a super traditional kokeshi by any means, but I really like experimenting from time to time.

You can see Little Windy in progress in the background so that gives you a good idea of when I was working on this one! So do you fellow DIY-ers ever hold back posting photos because your worried the piece isn’t going to come together?

~ Brigitte

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