Studio Photos: Four More Kokeshi Dolls

Remember the lil’ guy on the left? After trying to figure out what to do with him (or should I say “it”? I don’t think it has a gender @_@) for a while I ended up doing a bunch of color outlines and making it all rainbow-tastic. For some reason it makes me think of the fallout after a war with nuclear-powered unicorns (which we lost, obviously, lol) so I named it Atomic Rainbow :3 The one on the right is inspired by a Zombuki Byul I made a bit ago and that I haven’t published anywhere, which itself was inspired by an amazing Emily Bee custom that I adopted. I should have posted photos ages ago but I haven’t yet – to say I have a backlog of studio photo is a huge understatement!

As for the two on the right, believe it or not, they’re a pair! Two grumpy looking dolls inspired by the color scheme of some really beautiful Japanese washi paper I had in the studio. I would have never thought hot pink, dark blue, lavender, and gold would look so good together, but this paper made me a believer. Originally their heads were swapped, but I like them better this way :3 I’m planning on releasing them tomorrow as a pair, whee!

Happy Thursday everyone! In “real life” news I have to take my little mouse to the vet for a follow up after she was scratching too much last week. I think she’s feeling better, but wish her luck anyway :3

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Studio Photos: Four More Kokeshi Dolls

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