Kokeshi 64 & 65 Pyramus and Thisbe

I posted about these two yesterday when they were still in the studio! I had to blog about them yesterday because I wanted to release this pair before the weekend :3 so say hello to Kokeshi 64 & 65 Pyramus and Thisbe! I embellished them to really fit together as a pair and I kept them pretty clean and simple (by my twisted standards lol) so they would keep that feel – like they were one piece – when they were displayed together (if that makes any sense, I haven’t had my coffee yet lol).

I used the washi paper that inspired them as the eye pieces; I punched out the paper and then decoupaged them to the dolls before sealing them. I don’t think I’ve used paper on a kokeshi before (though I am approaching 70 dolls lol so I might be forgetting someone) and I’m happy with how it looks, kind of quirky! Also, since I listed them as a pair I gave them a bit of a discount, too :3

Have a great Friday everyone!

~ Brigitte

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