Studio: Byul Lilith Becomes a Zombuki

Remember when I posted about Lilith in the studio? Well here is the result! As you can see I kept her original eyebrows because, basically, they’re fabulous, plus they really matched the vibe of the doll I was going for. The rest I did in black, gray, white, and lavender in a massive scalloped pattern. I’m really pleased with the result, but I had a really hard time figuring out what to do for the eyes and wig, so even though I took this photo almost a month ago, I only finished this doll yesterday.

So, I have a tote bag of this amazing piece by Miss Kika (which you can view in her portfolio here) that I take to the post office with me every time I go. When I was starting this Zombuki I got into the car to go home and found myself staring at the hair accessory on the white-haired girl. I had to use that pattern on a doll! I sketched and re-sketched and (obviously) simplified it a lot, but that’s where my inspiration came from.

There’s more I could say about this doll, but I’ll wait until I post her final photos later this week! I’m really excited to post them.

In totally unrelated news, I went to visit my Mom yesterday and her adorable kittens are growing up super fast! Scrappy (above) is my favorite, he’s super playful, but so docile and cute at the same time. He does this awesome thing where he gets into the sink and scratches at it like a litter box, then sticks his head under the tap and drinks the water as it falls off his head. I swear, no cat lady can resist his charm! I’m going to try and get video of it next time I visit.

Have a great Monday everyone! I’m going to do my best to be at least semi-productive today.

2 thoughts on “Studio: Byul Lilith Becomes a Zombuki

  1. Ningyou

    Yay, i was dying to see this little girl and i’m really impressed, you did an amazing job. *__*
    I love the colors you used i’m sure she’s gonna be fantastic. *_*

    Hehe, by the way your mother’s cat is extremely cute. *melting* =3


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