Kokeshi 66 Jack of the Circus

When I started making Jack I wanted to do something kind of challenging paint-wise, so I went with a crazy, distorted, checkerboard pattern! When I was in High School I would draw this same pattern all over my notes, tests, and even hands and arms – anything on my desk! I was so obsessed with it I’m actually a little surprised it took this long to show up on a kokeshi @_@ The negative image skull just kind of added to his warped, trippy feel, lol!

Jack is part of the circus series so I photographed him next to Bella. I think they look pretty cute together :3 and I’m definitely planning on adding more kokeshi to the series over time (or maybe really soon, lol)! I wish I could get some circus-y props that are the right scale for them, could be creepy-cute! Jack is currently up for adoption in my Etsy shop, and there are more photos of him from other angles in his listing too, hurray!

~ Brigitte

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