Studio: Wooden Doll Face Pins

Remember my Craft It Forward project? Well, as promised, here are photos of some other pins I made in the same style! On the left is Scout and on the right is Yoko, who is based off a kokeshi that is in the queue :3 I used tie tacks for them because I really prefer them when I buy, one hole in my purse/jacket/whatever instead of two is always preferable for me. I’ll be putting these up in the shop over the weekend and will post more photos then, whee! They’re sweet and cute and fun to make so I’m not going to put the cost very high because I want anyone who wants them to be able to adopt them. I have photos of all the pins but forgot to take them of the backs and the pins in action on a purse, derp! @_@ So I have a little more work to do.

I think I’m going to call them “Doll Face” pins, what do you think?

~ Brigitte

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