Zombuki Doll Photos: Hold On on Black

Earlier this week I posted photos of “Hold On” in the studio and here are her final photos on black. I named her “Hold On” because she’s the second custom in a set, the first of which I’m keeping, who is named “Let Go.” Both are Dia de los Muertos in theme too, but “Let Go” is a personal custom and I haven’t decided if I’m going to publish her online or not.

After I painted her I also felt like “Hold On” had a really strong Junko Mizuno vibe to her, there’s something about lavender being paired with black that always makes me think of Mizuno’s work for some reason. Mizuno is also Laina’s (who commissioned this girl) favorite artist so maybe I subconsciously channeled some of that feeling? Either way, “Hold On” definitely has a lot of different influences.

I hope you like her and enjoy the photos!

~ Brigitte

4 thoughts on “Zombuki Doll Photos: Hold On on Black

  1. Ky

    Oh, she’s lovely! I’m so excited you’re also working with Byul; I’ve always adored them and it’s even better to see them get the Zombuki treatment.

    I don’t blame you for not necessarily wanting to share Let Go. I say, think twice as long as you think you have to, because once shared, she can’t be unshared, you know?

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you Ky! I really appreciate your advice :3 I will definitely do that. I think it’s good some times to make something just personal, that you don’t share.

      I absolutely love Byul too, I think I might even like her more than Pullip now! She’s just so unusual and charming, I’m really hooked :D


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