Kokeshi 60 Walking Dead

Kokeshi 60 is Walking Dead, a zombie-inspired doll! I didn’t pick the name until it was finished and decided to go with Walking Dead because that show (about the zombie apocalypse) gave me nightmares all last season! It was a great show, but I’m honestly not sure I can keep watching it, I scare really easily.

I actually finished Walking Dead a month ago, but when I was going through old posts and photos I realized that I hadn’t actually blogged about it before! When I started WD I wanted to do a piece that had just insane colors, which I think I accomplished! The colors were partially inspired by the Illamasqua “Toxic Nature” makeup collection; I went to Sephora with my friend a few months ago and I saw this insane chartreuse next to a neon orange and it was just like “WTF? I can’t tell if this is hideous or amazing!” So I went for it.

I’m super pleased with how Walking Dead came out and you can adopt it here if you are so inclined. Other than that, have a great Sunday everyone!

~ Brigitte

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