Studio: Pastel Kokeshi Party

Pastel! My Blythe reroot is going with a very special doll and because of it I’ve been mixing a lot of pastel paint in the studio. I had so much extra a couple of times that I decided to make a pair of pastel kokeshi dolls! The colors above are two of my favorite combinations and I think mint green and lavender just look especially nice together.

I also started a Doll Face pin to match! The final kokeshi design won’t have a skull eye, but I just kind of felt like adding it to the pin :3 They both have the heart on the cheek though! It’s hard to see on the kokeshi in these photos though, lol. Oopth! They both have “hime” style haircuts too :D Personally I love that hairstyle, but my hair is a little wavy so it would be impossible for me to maintain (especially in Florida humidity!) so I’ll have to live vicariously though the kokeshi ;3

Happy Wednesday all :3

~ Brigitte

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